Colonial Williamsburg Engagement – Williamsburg, VA

Christina and I had scheduled their engagement session back in February but unfortunately weather decided not to cooperate with us and brought a large, scary, thunderstorm the entire day we had originally planned. Luckily, this time around, the weather did more than cooperate. It was perfect! Christina and Wyatt’s engagement session was on a beautiful spring day (I even wore a dress for the first time) and with a little cool breeze, some clouds here and there their engagement session turned out beautifully!

I love that I get to travel to new (and old) places with photography and even though I was never a history buff in school, Colonial Williamsburg is definitely a neat place to visit! I may have even hated history in Jr. High (it was soo boring) and I couldn’t wait until it was no longer a “core” class that was required. But, now that I’m older and actually able to visit the places where history was made, well lets just say I think that is pretty neat.

Christina, Wyatt, and I spent our time walking around Colonial Williamsburg talking about wedding plans and puppies – two of my favorite things, looking at the old buildings and being thankful for our little patch of sunshine (and shade)! I absolutely love Christina’s fun personality because at the end of our session it felt like we were old friends who share a likeness for funny, short-legged doggies 🙂

I can’t wait for your wedding you two! Here are a few of my favorites from our session, enjoy!


Christina & Wyatt Engaged


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